Coinspace has its headquarters in Europe with worldwide operations.

We focus on core markets such as South East Asia, Europe, India, Africa and South America. Seeing as our company is committed to growth, we
are opening new regional offices worldwide.


Coinspace is a unique business opportunity and it is the only one of its kind. The concept behind Coinspace is the result of the cryptocurrency boom. We offer amazing benefits for people who are looking for financial success and independence. This is why our services hold massive worldwide appeal. Our mission is to provide you with a mining service you can use for mining cryptocurrencies. We have taken great care in order to de-mystify the process of mining. This enables you to quickly master the skills required to start mining and making profit off of it without any prior experience.


Your demand is a Coinspace command. To us, the success of our members is everything. We consider our members true partners in the business. We understand the unwavering commitment required to build a solid organization. We believe in making things simple. This is why we focus on eliminating as many speed bumps as possible on your road to success. Our mission is to build real cryptocurrency value. This is achieved by creating three things: a buyer-driven trading volume with an exclusive commerce benefit, a highly usable coin, and an intelligent merchant program.


Ourvisions “One World, One Currency”

Our goal is to provide you with a system that will help you establish the most useful and profitable coin possible:





Coinspace provides you with a once in a lifetime opportunity. It revolutionizes the business world of today’s digital economy.

We offer a high-income opportunity with an extensive bonus program connected to the best lifestyle awards.

For the first time we offer the opportunity for you to become the owner of your own mining system.

Thus far this system was only available to large enterprises and big investors.

Our system for maximal contribution is only available to our members. This way, you can become the owner of several existing cryptocurrencies.

Better yet, you can be one of the first users and supporters of the new currency S-coin.

By becoming a member of our amazing business community, you will be able to learn about the S-coin before its launch.

This will give you the advantage of introducing it to your business partners as the
new cryptocurrency of the future. It is an amazing opportunity to build your financial success and become one of the select few to achieve the greatest advantage of them all: owning the S-coin before anybody else !

We guarantee a minimal risk and maximum security due to the exclusivity of the S-coin in its pre-launch form.

We guarantee you its value by mining several cryptocurrencies already on the market. We also took the precaution of making sure the S-coin will not drop under a certain coin value.

We will be able to do that by having a backup of the coin.
How? We will let that piece of information remain our confidential business secret until the S-coin’s official launch.

While our unique system enables you to produce the cryptocurrency S-coin we secure your investment by mining other profitable cryptocurrencies in the background.

We offer you the opportunity to start your own career with us. It is easy and simple. Tell the world about us and earn additional money easily and constantly. Make money now. We provide you with a personal customized money making program.

New members gain access to several benefits. These benefits include cash rewards, a one-year contract, instant profits, no electricity costs, no hardware setup costs, and no maintenance costs.

Moreover, we offer direct payments to your prepaid debit card.



We provide you with the highest quality personal mining service. We are developing the best software and hardware so that we can offer you the most profitable mining.

We combine cutting-edge hardware with simple and easy-to-understand mining contracts to bring you the most advanced mining solution available on the market.

All pool, electricity and maintenance fees are included in the price. You choose how much mining (hash) power you want and with it how big your daily money production will be.
We supply the hardware, hosting and maintenance for you to start earning immediately.


On-site technicians ensure continuous monitoring and servicing of individual elements of the mining structure.

We offer constant paybacks and professional support. The IT staff will carry out the mining for you.

This way you can simply lay back and enjoy watching your investment increase.
The process power and coins are sold on demand, typically by the minute or by the hour.

We have a system that uses liquid cryptocurrencies for your fixed income. It is also able to get a large group of users supporting the same coin – S-coin. The S-coin will be launched when we achieve approximately 50.000 members.

A large and stable group of users will make the new upcoming currency more secure, profitable, and valuable.

We offer a unique mining system that will carry out the mining process on the most advanced and up-to-date devices, while you run errands or even while you sleep.



This powerful, unique, and modern mining equipment is available to you at once. It is specialized for all cryptocurrencies with the highest value at that time. This way we minimise risks and increase security to the highest possible level for you.



1 Easy pay: Fast and instant payments granting you the ultimate power of choice
2 Secure pay: Risk free for users, secure and anonymous transactions
3 Fast pay: Instant payment around the world. Much faster than standard means of payment
4 Transparency: You can see every single transaction in a block-chain application

Cryptocurrencies are based on trust and transparency. The block-chain transparency system enables you an oversight of where your S-coin came from, as well as the possibility to track its every single move along the chain, all the way back to the moment of its creation. However, since the transactions are completely anonymous, all your personal information remains hidden

5 Low or n o fees: Very low or non-existent fees in comparison to FIAT for worldwide transactions. Transactions in cryptocurrencies are cheaper than any other type of transaction known to us
6 Risk free: Users need only secure their private keys. This can be done digitally, physically or even both. Cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the future technological era
7 Freedom i n payment: Cryptocurrencies behave a lot like cash. Transfers are simple and fast worldwide. Classifications can differ, but at the end of the day, you can buy anything, from a cup of coffee to a car
8 Control and Security: Users are in control of their transactions. This provides security for both the cryptocurrency and its network of users
9 Fewer risks for merchants: Merchants are protected from potential losses that might occur due to fraud. No chargebacks!
10 Higher liquidity: Funds are transferred with a single click, which means that your money is immediately accessible on your account.

The value of cryptocurrencies depends on the supply and demand.


This means that there is a limited number of coins available while the number of users increases.



We provide everybody with both access to the industry of virtual currency as well as the understanding of it. This is how we use our unique system to make profit. Learn the secrets of trading, investing and profiting from cryptocurrency with our help.

We strive to bring you the ultimate system of cryptocurrency and the best part is: our company takes care of everything. We provide you with state of the art software and hardware to make production most profitable. We hire people to service and manage your moneymaking machine and pay for all the expenses. All this just for a one-time payment of your package.

Whether your investment is as small as 150€ or as big as 120.000€ is irrelevant. Our unique formula will give all our members the same options and the same amazing results. Our company is not looking for short-term profit. We spent one and a half years, learning, researching and developing. It was not until the last couple of months that we have begun marketing our idea. Instead of a short-term profit, we are interested in long-term sustainability . We look for the best and simplest way of delivering a new overall usable payment method and profit in the long run.



There will be a limited supply of coins, no inflation, a higher and higher demand every day, a constant growth in value, a decentralized system independent from central authority, peer to peer technology supporting the network of computers – a highly encrypted, secure, and transparent protocol with blockchain technology! This is the revolution in payment systems. It is the next big step for mankind and the most important invention since the internet. Not only will it provide easy and fast worldwide transactions with next to zero fees, but it will also allow more than 2,5 billion under-banked people to download their digital wallet and start using it as a bank account on their mobile phones. It is like having a personal bank account. It is free and can be used to start making transactions worldwide using cryptocurrency – the future is your decision.

What is the S-coin?

The future S-coin is a digital internet currency that uses peer-to-peer technology. The network is decentralized and free from any central authorities. Individuals can securely transfer payments to friends and family quickly all around the world with little to no cost. S-coin uses the latest technologies to process transactions quickly and efficiently with a new blend of CPU / GPU and POW / POS logic at the right time.

The mission is building a real cryptocurrency value by creating a buyer-driven trading volume with an exclusive commerce benefit. The S-coin has two key distinctions from all other crypto currencies. First is an exclusive commerce benefit for people to buy and use the S-coin to make purchases. The second is a leveraged marketing force to promote the S-coin and establish the commerce network. Anyone can use our mining service and support us while earning in the biggest world story.


We offer completely automatic Coinspace beginner packages so that you can get started even without any prior experiences or technical abilities. Join our dedicated team of distributors by choosing a package below and start mining your own coins within minutes! We offer one-click cryptocurrency mining packages with our mining service. Regardless of your technical abilities, you can enter this amazing booming market and build your very own home business.

Coinspace offers you a complete “turn-key” solution to capitalize on the incredible income producing opportunity that cryptocurrency provides.

Each of our packages has an assigned volume value. Members earn volume through their business group sales. All volume, no matter how it was generated, is referred to as Lifetime Total Volume.

Commissions are paid weekly. Money is deposited directly into your e-Wallet account. All monetary value is in EUR. For more details, please contact our Coinspace Support Team at support@coinspace.eu.






f2 upgrade

b1 b2 b3


If you buy the Double Mine Package or the Ultimate Mine Package, you are entitled to an additional annual profit. The additional profit for the Double Mine gives you one share out of the 30% from 3% of overall annual turnover volume in EUR The additional profit for the Ultimate Mine gives you two shares out of the 35% from 3% of overall annual turnover volume in EUR

The first 150 Co-Founders from each continent will receive a share out of the 3% of the company’s annual profit.

Co-Founders are people who will buy Double or Ultimate Mine. Each year we will divide that additional profit to the same 150 Co-founders from each continent.

Each Co-Founder can buy more than 1 package for one position/account. If one Co-Founder has more than one Double or Ultimate Mine, the total number of Co-Founders will not change, but we will simply give that person more shares.

150 accounts/positions per continent = 150 Co-Founders per Continent

65% from 3% of the company’s annual profit will be divided between 150 Co-Founders from each continent every January for the past year.


150 Co-Founders on your continent

All together they have 160 Double Mines and 20 Ultimate Mines, which means 160 shares + 40 shares equals 200 shares. These 200 shares are property of 150 Co-Founders.

Assuming that 65% from 3% of the company’s annual profit is 1,000,000 €, which is then divided between 150 people. This amount will be divided among 200 shares, 160 Double Mine shares and 40 Ultimate Mine shares.

If you purchased the Double Mine, your additional annual profit would be 1,875 €. If you purchased the Ultimate Mine, your additional annual profit would be 8,750 €.


Any earnings or success you achieve will vary according to the geographical location, time, and effort applied to your particular business and is not guaranteed by COINSPACE, management, staff or member.


(3% of the World Pool of the company’s entire turnover volume will be paid out every year (in January) to a maximum of 150 Coinspace Co-Founder members per continent. The first World Pool share will be paid out on January 2017)




• No monthly quality rank volume is required to achieve any Coinspace rank

• Binary points are accumulating lifetime, weaker and power side

• No recruiting necessary (optionally for investors)


•Every 14th and 28th day of the month members will be paid out with a fixed income (if members decide to sell coins back to the company per fixed guaranteed price of 0.50€/coin)

• Selling coins back to the company is available until the launch of the S-coin (50,000 members in Coinspace).

• Earn 50% of the profit by selling coins back to the company within the one year mining contract (Coinspace Mining Service)

• The possibility of earning 200% or more by waiting for the S-coin to launch (upon reaching 50,000 members in Coinspace). The value of the S-coin at the moment of its launch will be a minimum of 1€/coin.

• A fixed amount of coins obtained daily through the mining production will only be available until the S-coin is publicly released into the network. So, start now and make the most out of mining. The sooner you start the more coins you will be able to obtain. And the greater amount of coins you have in your possession the more assets you will have at your disposal. Therefore it is important that you start immediately.

The moment the s-coin is released into the network, the open exchange on the market will begin, which means an open supply and demand. Mining will become increasingly difficult, because the daily reward (consisting of an unchanged number of coins) will be divided between more and more users every day. As a result, daily production will start decreasing but the price of the coin will sky-rocket. Once you grasp this concept, you can understand why it is so important to start sooner rather than later.


Any earnings or success you achieve will vary according to the geographical location, time, and effort applied to your particular business and is not guaranteed by COINSPACE, management, staff or member.



The fixed daily production of coins is only valid until S-coin is officially launched. After the launch daily mining – daily coin production – will vary according to the S-coin network and hash power on the S-coin (members mining). At its launch the value of the S-coin is minimum doubled which means that the profit per licence is maintained at a minimum of 50% or more.





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